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        Leading Innovation, Spanning Development
          Source:本站 Data:2018-01-03

        Leading Innovation, Spanning Development

        —— 2018 New Year Greeting

        Dear Colleagues:

        Happy new year!

        Everything looks fresh and gay as time changes. We have entered a new era of advancement competition along with the first ray of sunshine of the new year.

        In 2018, it is the first year to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and to uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era put forward by Xi Jinping, the CPC Secretary General. The economy of our country is shifting from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development. In the new year, guided by the national economic policies, based on the development mode of Green, Technological and Humane Shenzhuang, led by the theme of leading innovation and spanning development, Shenzhuang Group will fully take advantages of the existing brand resources, determine the goal and the tasks of the corporate business and thoroughly implement the corporate strategy of “One Two Three Four Five” so as to promote our Group to have better, stronger and sustainable development, in accordance with the development trend of new technologies, business mode and business pattern in the market.

        One Goal: To build an enterprise of hundreds of years’ history is the longing dream of our Shenzhuang Colleagues and it is the strategic goal of future development for our Group. We decide to spend three to five years, starting from standard management, in establishing the decision-making mechanism of “Three Importance and One Greatness” and the professional center management mechanism and making our Group an excellent company of “First-class teams, management, production and culture” with Shenzhuang brand characteristics.

        Two Types of Spirits: Promote the fighting spirit of putting the flag on the top of the hill and the spirit of craftsmanship. The fighting spirit is the tradition and attitude of Shenzhuang Colleagues, which has to be inherited and carried forward. The craftsmanship spirit of Shenzhuang Group includes the quality spirit of making perfect, the innovation spirit of striving for excellence and the service spirit of users first, which is upheld and inherited by each Shenzhuang Colleagues over the past 31 years.

        Three Types of Driving Forces: First, driven by the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era put forward by Xi Jinping, our Group will profoundly master the knowledge of new era, new mission, new journey and new theory, proactively unify our thought and action with the the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, fully take advantages of the coordinated development strategy of Jing-Jin-Ji Area, the development strategy of Yangtze River Economic Zone, the Belt and Road strategy and the geographic advantage of the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay and create a new trend for enterprise development. Second, driven by the strategy concluded in the Innovation Management Seminar of Shengzhuang Group and the collected intelligence, our Group will adopt the best idea from our colleagues to promote our development. We will develop steadily, coordinatingly, professionally and characteristically in the aspects of Innovation of Operation Pattern, Shengzhuang Production and Shengzhuang Quality. Third, driven by the optimization of organization structure, our Group will establish the mechanism of unified obligations, rights and privileges and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of our colleagues.

        Four Markets: To expand a market needs to be forward looking, to precisely monitor and to make good decision. We have to focus on four major markets: First, traditional markets of decoration projects in public places, which include interior and exterior decoration projects. On the premise of consolidating the advantageous regional markets, to expand new regional markets, our production of decoration projects in public places should make a breakthrough in emerging professional markets and find out our position of quality, brand and marketing. Second, to expand markets of house decoration. As the markets of house decoration is of large work volumes and of high development potential, it is vital to discover and guide the customer demand when expanding the markets of house decoration. Third, to strengthen the efforts in expanding international markets. Grasping the development opportunity of the national strategy of the Belt and Road, to expand international markets, we will establish a professional first-class management team and start from the high end to build a high-quality brand of Shenzhuang China. Fourth, to compact the markets of supporting industries. We have to focus on the strategic layout of “Headquarter in Shenzhen, Scientific research in universities, Foundation in Anhui, Global Markets”, make full use of the Shenzhuang Chizhou Industrial Park for its functions in inner connection, exterior expansion, supporting the Group main business and opening the market for the Group, allocate resources in accordance with the factors of industrialization and promote the layout progress of Shenzhuang industrialized markets.

        Five Tasks: Key works: Innovation, Green, Harmony, Brand, Development. Start with leading innovation. Innovation is the inexhaustible source of life and only through innovation can an enterprise obtain the vitality, the exuberant vitality. In the aspect of market innovation, we have to focus on the new policies from the central government on the real estate industry, be brave to make innovation on house decoration market and expand the upstream and downstream industry chain. In the aspect of mechanism innovation, we will establish professional center management system and adjust the function of each department so as to meet the demands of leading innovation and spanning development of our Group. In the aspect of technology, we will make some breakthrough. We will fully take advantage of novel practical technologies and support the development of decoration industry. Besides, we will also make innovations in position management, business management and profit growth point management and discover new subjects so as to present the outcome and importance of innovation. Secondly, to pursue a green life. Led by the green life theory, the Collection Center and each industrial park should closely follow the green concept of energy saving, low-carbon and environmental protection, control the material quality from material purchase and material processing and take relevant social responsibilities. Thirdly, to coordinate and to support. Take the full strength of the Group to promote development. We should first optimize the current human resource management structure, establish the mechanism of talent introduction, training, education and efficient utilization and should play the coordinating role of the professional functions. On the other hand, we have to make synchronous development of quality and safety, design and construction. The allocation of resources between the headquarter and each branch should be strengthened and complementary. Additionally, we will make perfection on the supporting functions of industry, market layout and operation mechanism and improve the comprehensive strength of enterprise. Fourth, the brand culture. The brand culture of Shenzhuang Group is presented on the classic construction works and our corporate culture. To make classic construction works, we have to focus on the construction process and on how to present “Elite” and “Special” so as to pursue originality and make a brand. The corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the root of corporate cohesive force, fighting force and spirit. It will present the image of the enterprise to the world and motivate its inner development. The corporate culture should be promoted to the level of strategic development and we should form the Shenzhuang distinctive culture of fighting, craftsmanship and making progress. Last but not least, to make spanning development. We will make improvement in the aspect of sales pattern, market expansion and profitability. Beneficial and efficient management team is the key factor in making spanning development. We should establish a leading body of ready to fight for business, change for leadership, being professional, expand market, compound management and learn complementarily so as to promote professional human introduction, dimensional marketing strategies, dynamic management of bidding and tendering and classic construction management, should focus on improving product quality and thoroughly following the “three into one” management system so as to guarantee the steady improvement of product quality, should make the leading role of the CPC culture and try to establish a CPC demonstration base of non-state-owned economy, should probe and practice the new development pattern of construction and decoration for the innovation advantages of technology R&D, green decoration and new techniques and should co-work with universities and R&D institutes in the aspect of production, learning and researching so as to promote our development into the fast lane.

        New image in new era. Innovation leads to spanning development. As a member of Shenzhuang Group, we must make progress in the new era. We should keep the faith of striving ahead and staying true to the mission, focus on the development, endevour to make development, let innovation lead to development and build Shenzhuang Group to be of hundreds of years’ history.

        We wish you and your family all the best in the new year.

        WU, Fugui

        Secretary of the Party Committee, President of Shenzhuang Group

        On New Year’s Day of 2018


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